The cake was a smashing success.
Thank you so much. Deana jo.
Thanks for the beautiful and very delicious cake Gina. Everyone loved it!
Best wishes,
The cake was perfect in every way! It was beautiful & tasted so delicious! Everybody loved it. Especially my sister in law, who the baby shower was for:)
Thanks again,
Gina, your cake was a hit!!! I didn't get enough cupcakes. The chocolate was very moist. I wasn't crazy about the frosting, but for decoration purposes, it was great. Many people asked where I got the cake from. I proudly told them all about you. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you for a job well done.
John & Fahra Dumont.
Thank You! The cake was so good and moist. It was so pretty..we didn't want to cut it. I have recommended you to several family and friends.
You have definitely won over a new customer! The cake, cupcakes, and cake pops that you created for the baby shower I hosted were one of the highlights for the party. Everyone loved the look and also the taste. They were delicious! Thank you so much! You will be hearing from me again!
Thank you….your cupcakes are a hit so far!!!
Hate sharing them but trying to get the word out for you.
The cake was so delicious! Thank you for everything! I already passed you contact info around to everyone that asked!
Best Regards,
Regina Salloum, CRNA MS
You'll be happy to know that the cake was a huge hit. Thanks very much indeed.
Thank you so much, that cake was amazeing and everything was perfect!
thank you Gina, it was perfect! The graphic was crisp snd exactly like the picture. The guests said it tasted amazing. I had a piece today, and it was excellent. I will definately contact you the nect time I need a cake.
The cake, cookie pops, cupcakes were an absolute success! I did not even get a piece. The crumbs were nice (that's all I got to eat).... But everyone enjoyed it! I want to say thank you for completing my request at such last minute and making sure everything was ok!
Thank you so much! The cake and cupcakes were perfect! We loved the little but of 'shine' you added to the cake :) We'll be in touch for the baby shower!
Thanks again!
Fabian & Autumn
Gina, I just have to tell you that everything you delivered yesterday was FANTASTIC!! The cake was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, it was perfect. And everyone raved about how it tasted! The cake pops were so fabulous!! You did such a wonderful and professional job. I'm so glad I chose you to do this all for me. My sister, who has been to many affairs in the past few years and has tasted many cake pop favors said yours tasted better than any of them. Thank you so much for being professional and on time to deliver and for doing such high quality work. I will keep your number and put something out on facebook so that others might use you for their cake items. Please also feel free to use me as a reference in the future! Thanks again,Susan Gold Greenwood :)
Good morning Gina,First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for allowing us to have a cake tasting. I want to also compliment your professionalism with your sample presentation -boxed and fillings included - and level of detail.
Gina, your cake was awesome!!! It tasted as good as it looked. You have such a talent! Hopefully one day soon I will be calling you again for a baby shower....I know, my daughter isn't even married yet! Well, job well done! Thank you!
Leslie Millar
Hi Gina,
Thank you so much! The cake was beautiful. My family was very happy with it. You are very talented and i'm not sure if it is your dream to do this full time, but you should. I could see you having your own store and maybe even a show on tv:-). Wishing you all the best.
Thank you so much!
Lucy Jacques
Hello Gina,I want to thank you again for making the lovely Eiffel Tower cake. My friend was pleasantly surprised. Everyone loved the cake, not just how it looked but how it tasted. The cake was a hug hit. I think all the guests insisted on taking some cake home with them.
On behalf of the Hagerty family we wanted to give our thanks for the beautiful cake! It was delicious and a major hit! We look forward to future business with you! Thanks again.....
Thank you. Even though i couldn't be at the baby shower Everyone called & said they loved the cake. It looked great & tasted great too. Thanks again.
Thank you so much for making my graduation cake it came out great and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to :-) you are now my go to person for cakes , great job Gina ! I loved it !
Thank you ,
Lucy Molina
the cake was OMG sooooooooo good!!!!!! I have never tasted a wedding cake that good!
Hi Gina ,
Your cakes were the hit of the party. Very moist. The fondant never smoothed out on Lillys purse. Other then that they were great. I will speak to you in Nov. for my sons bday :).
Everyone loved the cake.
everyone loved the cake!!!!!!!!!!!

You & your skills are awesome!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH :-)
Let me tell you how surprised I was by my cake "Big Daddy" lol (Calipto) got me.
I was so happy he got it from you!! It was delicious so chocolaty & moist I was in heaven!! I will never get cakes from anywhere else...where you been all my life?! Haha
Again thank you so much... I've attached a pic so you can see how happy you made me on the BIG 30!!
Hi Gina,
We really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday and your cupcakes were delicious. We would like you to make our wedding cake and the cupcakes! We are really excited! Thanks so much.
Hi, omg the best cupcakes i ever had. The cake will be awesome. 
Thank u very much the cake was delicius everybody took ur number the cake was beautiful am so calling u for my next event because i love ur work thank u so much. :-)
Hi Ms.Gina, I am " the July 4th birthday lady" and hands down, your skills and passion are AMAZING! I love my surprise purse cake and all my guests. You are truly one of the best and will be recommended to many more:). Keep it going!
Hi !!!! I just wanted to say that not only was the cake beautiful but also so yummy !! Everyone loved it :) my best friend loved it so much she is going to contact you about doing her sons 1 yr old cake. I hope its ok I gave her all ur info.

The cake was everything I wanted. Thanks a million. I def will be contacting you again. I'm glad I found you.
Take care :- )
Hi Gina,
Oh wow…was my initial reaction when I saw my son’s birthday cake. Gina, the cake visually exceeded all of my expectations. The Lebron shoe cake was an exact replica of the sneaker. You captured every detail down to the lion emblem. The shoe cake was perfectly placed on the basketball court cake. It was truly dreamlike. I knew my son would be ecstatic.
I delivered the cake to the paintball field prior to the party. The staff there was also amazed. The best reaction yet was when I presented the cake to my son. His friends were in disbelief, they couldn’t believe that it was actually a cake. Well, actually the best reaction came after we cut the cake and everyone had a taste. Both cakes were absolutely delicious. It tasted better than the samples. That really says a lot since I bake cakes and I tend to be very critical of the taste. Well, I had absolutely nothing to criticize. We even ate the fondant. I’ve been showing my friends and co-workers the pictures of the cake. Everyone has been in awe. I’m already contemplating my next order with you. Unfortunately, my birthday isn’t until December. But, I’m sure I can find a reason to order a cake before that. Awesome job Gina!!! You are truly talented. Thanks again…you have a repeat customer on your hands now. Can you please email me the picture of the cake that you have on Facebook?
Many thanks,
Hi Gina,
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did on the Ladybug cake!!!
I was very impressed as were all of our guests, not only with the appearance but the taste too! YUMmmmmmy
J I look forward to future cakes with you.
Thanks Chamonix
Thank you so much, Gina! The cupcake tower was a huge hit. Told several people about you:) Thanks again, it was perfect!
Hi Gina,
Just got back from my dads, the cake was a huge hit! It was fabulous, thank you!
Sue StanleyThank you. The cakes were awesome b

Thank you again.....he loved the cake and everyone else as well!!!
OMG! It sooo delicious! We got soo many compliments on it and everyone thought it was amazing!

My sis in law took all the pics, but I'll send you some and will post on my Macaroni Kid Facebook page when I get them.

Thanks again!!
Your cake was a HUGE hit! Delish and beautiful. We may have shed a tear upon cutting :)
Dear Gina:
Thank you so much for the Easter "Cross" Cake..it was sooo moist and delicious and we thanked God for your talent!  May God bless you and your family and may your business prosper!
Best Wishes and continued success...
Sherri Adduci
Thank you Gina so much for the wedding cake on Saturday, it was beautiful, I will let everyone I know about your work. You helped make Amanda's special day truly special. THANK YOU!!!
Hi Gina,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the cake! Everyone thought it was too cute. They loved it and was glad for the change from the usual Publix or Sams cake. The restaurant that we went to was outdone when they took it to the back to cut it and thought it wasn’t real. Great Job!!
Carlecia D. Fields
Thank YOU!  Awesome as always!  Next time, you'll have to give me more cards.  One of the biker wives, actually pulled the one off the box, because they all wanted your number. Crazy!  Loved your hubby!  What a nice guy!  We picked up two more gigs, at this one, and we have a huge private party coming up, so I'm sure more orders are coming your way!
Thank you, again!
Thank you Gina...the cake was beautiful & the talk of the babyshower. My niece loved it!!! & it's was very yummy. I'll send some pictures to you soon. Thanks again =)

cake was beautiful and scrumptious
Hey Gina, I just wanted to say thank you again. The cake was amazing, and it pretty much disappeared. (lol). Thank you again. :)
Thank you for such a great cake Gina. It was perfect, we had a great time and everybody liked it, the texture and the flavor was excellent and of course the design was something amazing. Congratulations again for your professional job and be sure I will have you in my mind for all my parties and family reunions and also my entire friends. Say Hi to your husband and thanks you again. Sincerely, Jose Luis Rodriguez
It was great working with you too! It was beautiful! I will certainly send pictures. Thanks again.
Good Morning,
Thank you so much for the beautiful cake. It was incredible delicious ...everyone LOVED it!
Have a bless week! :)

No, Thank you so much for the wonderful cake!!!! I LOVED it and everybody thought it was very yummy and nothing was left! Thank u Thank u Thank u
Everyone loved the cake, it was such a hit. Thank you so much!!! I attached a pic of the mommy to be with the cake :)

U rock!! Cake was a BIG hit. I handed out all d cards. Thx again
The cake was awesome, as always!  Don't be surprised if you start getting calls from doctors.  They have your card!  :-)

Dear Gina,
Thank you so much for the amazing job on the cake! Everybody loved it. Having a cake made from scratch tasted so much better than a boxed mix. It was very moist. I wish you could have seen my son Sean's expression when we  showed him the cake for the first time. It was priceless! He was so happy. You did a great job with the Mario Brothers characters too, all the kids were fighting over who would get them. We had to cut them in half to keep everybody happy. 
How funny that your website came up when I was searching for BAGELS!? It's like Someone knew I needed a "birday" cake ASAP. Thanks so much for the excellent job. Check out cakewrecks.com sometime, it's hilarious.
Hi Gina!
Thanks for the wonderful superhero cake! Everybody loved it, in fact a lot of people were asking for your information (I wish I had cards, lol). It looked beautiful and fit into the party wonderfully. Thanks for a great picture of it, I sent a few pictures people took during the party to you. Also, the fondant came out so good, everyone couldn't stop eating it :) You always make the best cakes, I can't wait to order my babyshower cake from you soon... I'l get back to you on that soon!
Wow!!!!  Awesome!!  I Love it!!! 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Thank YOU so much!!
your cake was a HUGE success!!!! I gave away ALL your cards!! people were very excited... and it was also very tasty!! T-H-A-N-K-S!!!   :)
Thank you Gina! The cake was amazing and Monique loved it!! 
You are very talented and I will make sure to make referrals to you and buy more cakes from you!!
God Bless you Gina! 
Lexie Carnes
Omg Gina, nooooo thank you! It was amazing I will be referring you!
Thanks...just wanted to let you know that cake was delicious...a big hit.
Thanks Gina, your cake was delicious 
Hey Gina, I just wanted to say thank you. The sample cake was....let me just say..... the bomb! (lol.) I saved it until my fiance' got home from work, then we all sat down and tried it. Let me just say there was total silence at first and then we all said" oh yeah, she got it goin on"! (lol). It was perfect. Everything, just perfect.
Hey Gina!
My Dad’s birthday cake was perfect!
Thank you so very much!
Just wanted to thank you my son loved the cake
Margie Hempel

My Son loved the cake it had a little bit of everything for everyone and everything was edible! Thank You, you will surely be gettingan order from me again.
P Allen
thank you so much for my cake,
it was wonderful.
i will be back next year
Hey Gina,
I just wanted to thank you again for the cake, it was absolutely amazing! My father said it was the best cake he had ever had! 

Your the best!!!! 

Just wanted to let you kow that the cake was great! Everyone loved it...Thanks so much!

 Hi Gina,
Thank you very much! Everyone loved the cake. Came out really great.

Thank you sooo much everything went great!! Everyone LOVED the cake !!! heres a few pics ;) I will be getting in touch with you for his 1st Birthday Cake !!!
Hi Gina,
Once again the cake was a HUGE hit... it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!  So moist and chocolatey!!  Can't wait for my next event, whatever it may be, so that I can order from you again.
Emily Cunningham
Hey Gina, I just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely amazing! Everyone loved it and asked me who made it so i got your name out there! It was so beautiful and tasted so good! I will definitely be ordering from you again! Thanks again, Kassi Zito

Gina, I can't thank you enough...EVERYONE loved the cake.  Could you put some of your business cards in the mail to me so I can give them out here.  It was so yummy.
Thanks again.

Thank you Gina. You did a wonderful job and your cake was a huge success.  Bill ConnorsOwner ProTek Solutions, LLC
Hi Gina,
The cake was really good! Everyone loved the golf course presentation!
Thank you very much for your effort and creativity!
 i loved it and so did he! thank you

Hey Gina,
Once again the cake was amazing and everyone loved it! It was a hit!
Thanks again!

Thank you SO much!!  The cake was amazing!  We really appreciate it and will definitely let you know if/when we need another one ;-) Hope you have a wonderful day!
Everything was perfect.  Thank you.  They loved them.  I processed your invoice yesterday. I look forward to working with you again.
I'm sooooo impressed!  You did it again!  My wedding cake was amazing.....AND the cake you did for Carson's 50th birthday was AWESOME!  Look out!  We have lots of friends....and they ALL want cake!  :-)
Julie Connors
Thanks Gina, love it!!

Thank you, My son loved it....You made his day........be ready for the next one; my grandson's birthday is Dec 14th & we will be asking you to make his cake.  Thanks again....

Hi Gina,
I wanted to Thank you for the great job that you did with the cake. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed it. I will definitely give you a call for my next party.
Thank you so much.
Hello, Gina
Thank you again for the birthday cake. Everyone loved it, the creation and design as well as the taste! The Cake Boss has nothing on you! It was fabulous!!
I tried posting a testimonial, but I might have done it wrong. I posted the comments in the Guest Book because I didn't see a link to post comments under testimonials. So let me know if I did it the correct way because I do want to post comments.
I saw the cake on your website!! Wow, that was nice! And when I tell you everyone enjoyed it, they did. One of my very good friends birthday is in December, so I definitely would like for you to make her cake. My husband even hinted that he wanted you to make my cake next year, so we will have to make that happen!
Thanks again, and many blessings to you and your business!
Hi, yes the cake was just as good as it was pretty! :)
I gave your number out to quite a few moms! :)
Hope you had a great trip to Ohio and we'll be in touch for the next affair.
It went great... and the cake was a huge hit. Everyone was surrounding it and ooohhhing and aaahhhhing it!! I knew it looked great, but it tasted just as wonderful as it looked. Here are a couple pictures of SFC Steven Holloway cutting the cake.
Thanks so much for helping out with this great cause! I hope your donation will turn into many blessings to come your way.
Kimberly Tierney
This is a photo of Steve Holloway cutting the cake! EVERYONE LOVED IT! J You’re the best! Thank you!
Dear Gina,
Thank you for the beautiful cake. Everyone lived it and my parents were thrilled by it. I will definitely recommend you to anyone and I ended up handing out your card at the party. Here are some pictures from the party.
Sincerely, Kanis
Thank you very much for the delicious cake Gina.  Everyone loved it!
 Julia Montufar
Thank you. Your cake was a hit. Everyone loved it. My sister-in-law is also a baker and she traveled from Philadelphia to share with us this occassion and was very impressed with the cake. I have posted the picture on facebook with the link to your website. Have a blessed day!
Alma Rosario
Thank you so much, the cake was beautiful and delicious.
Star Feliciano
The cake was absolutly beautiful...it was exactly what we wanted and more impressive than Fabian and I had in mind.
 I Appologize for my tardiness in complimenting your creation. 
 The cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious everybody loved it, it was so fresh and light... I'm still eating it. We will call u in the future for more.
Thank you very much 
Yes, everything went great. Everyone loved the cake and the new mother was very surprised and delighted! Thank you for a great looking & great tasting cake.
I can't thank you enough for the birthday cake for my daughter.  She absolutely loved it, and her friends ooh'd and ahh'd over the color and design.  It was almost too pretty to eat, but I'm really glad we did because it tasted as good as it looked! The texture and flavor....YUM!!  You have a real talent, and I will definitely be calling you again, and again, and again!  :  )
Thanks again!  Wendy
My "pregnant belly" cake could not of been more amazing! It tasted as good, if not better, than it looked. I gave every one your card. Thank u again for using ur amazing talent to make my "special day" just that. I look foward to doing business with you in the future. Thank You Again, Tamra Thomas
Gina, the cake was wonderful, a big hit. Look forward to doing business again in the future. Thank you,Michael.
Gina, Thank you soo much!!!!  The cakes were fantastic!!!  We actually had a cake tasting party w/ them since there was soo much.. (I will have cake for a month).  We have another cake meeting the beginning of next week and then we will be in touch with you.. Thank you!!!
The cake was wonderful. I will always keep you in mind. We also refered another girl to you. She is getting married soon and may need the same type of cake. 
Thank you so much for your help.
I just wanted to tell you that the cake was a huge hit! Everyone loved it. It looked great and tasted even better. All your business cards were taken within the hour. I hope this brings you some business and we will definitly remember you in the future.
Sabrina Gore
It was great. Thank you 
Good morning, Gina! I have been so swamped all week I have not had a chance to even breathe! Let me tell you – everyone LOVED the cake! The design was amazing! My cat even looked at it with her usual enthusiastic response...somewhere between, “and this affects me how” and “can I sleep on it?” Typical high praise from the kitty! My husband was so happy! And I have a little one with a birthday coming up so I may be giving you another call :) Thank you so very much!!
Lisa M. Hernandez
I just wanted to let you know that my Step- Daughter loved that cake and everybody thought it was very nice it was also super yummy that cake was so moist and the icing was super super yummy. Thank you for making her birthday something to remember.!!!!! I cant wait to order my next cake with you!!!!
And thank you for the great job you did.  If I know of anyone needing a cake to be baked, I will certainly recommend you.  My husband greatly enjoyed the cake as did all the guest.
Thank you so much, the cake was amazing. Everyone loved it. I'll email you a picture soon.
The cake was wonderful. I will always keep you in mind. We also refered another girl to you. She is getting married soon and may need the same type of cake. 
Thank you so much for your help. 
Hi Gina, 
The cake turned out great, it was sooo good. My sister loved the design and the taste of the cake. She didn't want me to take extra's home. I will contact you for any further needs, especially my kids birthday parties. Thanks!
OMG! The cake is beautiful! I love it and he wil
l not be home until around 9pm so i sent him pictures. i was soooo excited i couldn't wait and he loved it! Thank you so much. And Jada and i stole a small piece and its delicious! Jada says you have skills. LOL.
Wow very nice I Love it thank you so much Gina for all your help.
I just left you a voicemail thanking you for all your help you are the best. Thank you so much for all your help.
Ofc. H.Elmore # 3620